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Admissions Services

The SAVVY Service Solution  is not only knowledgeable and effective, we truly care about our students. We only work with a limited number of seniors at a time, truly get to know our students and provide personalized attention and guidance. Our goal is to serve as a mentor and motivator who nurtures a student’s development and confidence, while simultaneously demystifying the college application and financial aid process for the entire family.

 SCFS offers Full Range of Services which lets us design a program that will fit your particular needs and budget.  This way, students can utilize our services as much or as little as needed, and target those areas that they feel are most relevant.

  • How We Measure Success:
    At SCFS, success is ensuring our students reach their personal and academic goals. Success isn’t about getting into the most selective college – it’s about helping students get into the right fit college for them, where they’ll be successful and happy.

THE SAVVY Methodology sees admissions as more than just grades... The SCFS methodology empowers students to identify and utilize their strengths and interests to make an impact in their school and community. SCFS takes a holistic approach to the college admissions process, taking into account the whole student and his or her goals, both academically and personally.



  • The SAVVY Initial Consultation Is the first step on your student’s path to a successful college application process. This 60-minute consultation will help your family understand the college options available given your student’s academic, standardized testing, and extracurricular record, as well as his or her personal interests. We will meet with your family to help your student create a strategic plan based on his or her interests, allowing your student to make the most of his or her high school experience. This personalized plan will include a strategic plan for high school, a standardized testing schedule, and recommendations for courses, extracurricular activities, summer experiences, internships, community service, and more. 

  • The SAVVY Freshman Program Is a four-year program where students will work directly with Debbie to select courses that will ensure a challenging yet appropriate curriculum, solve academic problems that may arise, identify and recommend extracurricular and summer activities, develop and explore core interests, learn how to make a meaningful impact in their school and local community. Our goal is to work towards building a strong academic and personal profile for the student, then work to develop a balanced college list, application strategy and begin working through their college applications over the summer prior to their senior year.

  • The SAVVY Sophomore Program Starts during a student's sophomore year, where students will work directly with Debbie over three years to refine  course selections, address academic red flags, identify new extracurricular and summer initiatives. During junior year, students will work  to develop a balanced college list, application strategy and work through their applications. 

  • The SAVVY Junior Program With this program, juniors will work directly with Debbie to review their high school career thus far and maximize the time they have left to strengthen their profile. Students will begin to work on building and finalizing a balanced college list, create and update their resumes, and begin to brainstorm personal statements. 

  • The SAVVY Senior Program As seniors, students will work directly with Debbie to solidify their college lists, hone their application strategies (Early Decision vs. Early Action, etc.), complete their resumes, prepare for admissions interviews, and write and revise their personal statements, essay prompts and supplemental essays.

  • The SAVVY College Counseling Programs for Seniors or Transfer Students Here, SCFS offers comprehensive, fast-track senior programs, in addition to short-term options that give you targeted counseling. Whether you need full college application support, or you want insight for a specific school, we have options to suit your needs.