Savvy College Funding Solutions is a full-service college admissions and financial aid consulting firm.


We believe that every child with the desire and passion to go to college should be able to do so. These beliefs form the heart and soul of our organization and reflect the core philosophy of Debbie Goldstein, founder of Savvy College Funding Solutions.

Our philosophy is founded on the principle that there is a 'right college' for your student and the basis for selecting that college should not rely solely on college rankings, 'hot lists' and popularity. Our approach involves researching your students interests, strengths, unique attributes and talents and matching them to the right college.

We don't believe in merely focusing on only the top highly competitive colleges, we use a holistic approach to offer our student's options and provide them with additional choices.  We strive to help our student's find the "right fit" for them and the right budget for their parents. As part of the college search process, we also take into consideration the cost  of college and encourage families to put in place a plan to pay for all four years of college. Rather than 'waiting to see' what the colleges "award" letter will offer, we believe in discussing the financial aspect from the very beginning prior to the college selection process.

While our students do gain acceptances at many of the highly selective colleges and universities, we never make guarantees for acceptance into any university or what the ultimate financial aid package will be for that family. With our assistance and guidance, parents and students will survive the college admissions process with less anxiety, stress and peace of mind knowing that they were fully prepared for the process. 

For our parents of college-bound children, we debunk all the myths around college admissions and financial aid, give them solid and current information, and position them in the most optimal way to pay the least amount of money for college.

Savvy College Funding Solutions is your trusted partner to empower and educate students and parents on strategies for applying to and financing college.

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Our Office —
Hub 101, 31416 Agoura Road,
Westlake Village, CA 91361
(888) 305-1441


Schedule a Savvy Consultation »

Our Office —
Hub 101, 31416 Agoura Road,
Westlake Village, CA 91361
(888) 305-1441

SAVVY founder Debbie Goldstein is a native of Los Angeles. With a degree in Economics from UCLA and eighteen years of experience in the financial industry, Debbie applies her financial expertise to finding and implementing cost-effective and creative solutions to ensure that students and their parents minimize their out of pocket costs to pay for college.

Debbie’s first eye-opening experience with the complex admissions and financial aid process began with her first daughter going off to college in 2008. After navigating the process as a parent, Debbie founded Savvy College Funding Solutions with the goal of applying her business savvy and passion for education to empower other families. Since then, Savvy has saved parents hundreds of thousands of dollars in college tuition.

Debbie holds a strong conviction in the power and importance of education for all students. In addition to her work at Savvy, Debbie volunteers her time and expertise to “Cash for College” through the LA Chamber of Commerce, where she helps low income students and their families with all financial aid documents. She also participates on the scholarship committee for the LA-based non-profit, The Fulfillment Fund, which empowers the most promising and underserved students in our community. Each year, Debbie volunteers her services to four exceptional students, many of whom have been accepted with full scholarships to universities including Duke, Vanderbilt, and USC.

Debbie is the proud mother of two successful young women, whom she raised as a single parent after the sudden death of her husband in 1993. Her oldest daughter is a psychologist with a doctorate from Stanford, and her younger daughter graduated USC and now works for Google in San Francisco. Debbie’s passion for empowering tomorrow’s leaders and innovators forms the cornerstone of Savvy College Funding Solutions.

Not only has Savvy College Funding Solutions smoothed the way through the entire crazy college financial aid process, but they have helped us establish a plan to pay for college in a comfortable manner while being able to continue saving for our retirement.
— Parents - Agoura High Senior



“Savvy College Funding Solutions guided us through the college financial aid process and took care of all the details. Thank you for making the transition from high school to college so smooth and easy!”

— Parent-Westlake High School

“Savvy College Funding Solutions opened up an opportunity to look at colleges we thought were out of our price range. Our daughter attended Duke for the same price as what it costs to go to a state college.  Savvy College Funding Solutions helped us through the entire four years. Debbie has been there for us whenever we had questions or needed help. Simply put, we couldn't have done this without Debbie’s patience, expertise and grounded advice for our family."

— Parents-Oak Park High School

"My son and I interviewed several college consultants before we got lucky and hit the jackpot! The prize was Debbie Goldstein! My son Darian connected with her right away in our initial meeting with Debbie. He told me on the way home he really enjoyed meeting Debbie and she was the one. Now, three months later, I see exactly why he wanted Debbie to handle the college admission process for him. Debbie is amazing and with her direct and candid approach, my son feels so relieved and so confident about being about to go through this process.  On a scale of 1-10…I give Debbie a 100! Thank you for everything, Debbie, we love you."

— Parent–Westlake Village


"In doing our research for our son’s college career, we were concerned that we would not be equipped to manage the barrage of information and deadlines that stood before us. After doing our due diligence we came upon Debbie Goldstein, who is not only knowledgeable and informed, but truly exudes a confidence, sincerity and compassion for the daunting road ahead in the college process.

After signing on with Debbie of Savvy College Funding Solutions, we can rest assured no stone will be unturned. Her attention to detail and skills navigating us through this process will give our son opportunities we may have missed out on.  She has put forth a clear strategy with both our son and us in both educational and financial concerns that simplify the details & deadlines that will ultimately determine our son’s future.  Her guidance and thoughtful strategy ensure we will have the best options available and know to proceed in the best interest of our needs. The resources and expertise she provides are priceless!"

— Parents–Calabasas

"If it wasn't for Debbie and Savvy College Funding Solutions, we would not have been able to survive the entire "Yikes! Get your life in order, your child is going to college next year" part of our life. As soon as we signed on, Debbie was available to us practically 24/7 for anything and everything that we needed from her and her service. When I needed her to nudge and nag our daughter to stay on track, and follow the process, she was there. We we had a zillion questions about every facet of choosing, applying, and paying for college, Debbie had answers. And the questions didn't stop. And the answers followed suit. Navigating through this process would have been an absolute nightmare without Debbie. The investment in assitance was well worth it, particularly when considering the astronomical costs of your child actually attending college. We will be certain to use Debbie again, when my next child is a Junior in High School. Thank you Debbie, we seriously could not have done this without you."

— Parents–Oak Park

"My wife and I would like to recommend Debbie Goldstein and Savvy College Funding Solutions. Debbie’s vast knowledge and guidance has provided much help in outlining all the steps necessary searching for the proper schools for both our daughters. Having graduated from college some 30 years ago, it appears much has changed. Debbie showed us many college financing options we were not familiar with, and would never have known about if it wasn’t for Debbie Goldstein.  Savvy College Funding Solutions made the daunting task of finding and paying for a college education a pleasant endeavor."

— Parents-Viewpoint High School